Which Is Stronger: 2 Rooks or 1 Queen?

Feb 20, 2011, 2:11 AM |

Well, I have went though plenty of analysis and searched through dozens upon dozens of games with 2 rook v. 1 queen games. And I have come to a slightly undazzeling conclusion...

The position is equal! Literally, perfectly equal. Like, you could create a game that had only 2 rooks against the 1 queen. Thats how equal the two varities are. 

Now, this would be a fun game to watch, 2 players with 2 kings each, but with different sets: 2 rooks or one queen. Anti-Climatic drumroll please!

I have seen many forums and blog posts about this exact topic, and its understandable; it has even happened to me a couple of times!

I will demonstrate why a queen v two rooks is a near perfect in every way. Please use you ocular muscles and bring your eyes to my diagram below!


An advanced elo rated chess computer analyzed this position for over 8 hours (left my computer running over night) and after a bashing processing depth of 48 moves, the computer concluded the position was dead equal. I checked my chess program deeper, and found that white had a +0.00019 advantage, with a 1 being up one pawn. So in all realistical logistics and statistics, if 100,000 people played at a tournament with this exact same set up, then everyone would draw, except for 19 people p;aying with the 2 rooks. They would win. Logically...

So in a mind shattering context, I can not make any solid conclusions :/

Pros of 2 Rooks

1). 2 pieces = more options

2). Able to coordinate with the other piece

Cons of 2 Rooks

1). If unconnected with the other rook or king, is easy prey for the queen to scoop up

2). The linear movement of a rook makes for predictability, and is easy for the opponent to calculate


Pros of 1 Queen

1). Can move diagonally

2). Is able to deliver checkmate more easily then a rook

Cons of 1 Queen

1). If pinned to the king, is automatically a lose for the player with the queen, since the rook player can force checkmate with 1 rook.

2). It's still only a single piece, and since the opponent has only the queen to focus on, will result in shrewd predictable games.

I was hoping my computer would not show the position as a 0.00, it deludes this chess post, making it icky and unwanted! 

So it is up to the chess community to decide! Brotheren! I call to heed your fair aid! What do you think? Which side has the greater advantage? I am really at a lose and am looking for any sort of argument that concludes one side has a stronger advantage!

"With silent lips, give me your games, your analysis, you huddled chess programs yearning to process faster" - Ancient made up chess wisdom