Win A Game of Chess in 3 Seconds

Feb 12, 2011, 11:19 AM |

Below is a game I literally just played 5 minutes ago. If you go through my live game archive, you will know which player fell to my almighty lightning fast reflexive prowess. I don't want to mention any names, due to "embarrassment. 

However, I successfully outmaneuvered my opponent enough to have my him resign after I only used 3 seconds of movement. Is this an official record? I would think so, because I had moved 9 times in the time frame of 3 seconds. That is 0.333 seconds per move on my part. Thats...thats like...the amount of time it takes to blink! As in any situation such as, I moved quite fast. My opponent also moved quick, but used the premove option too hastily and it unfortunately cost him the game. Bullet chess can be so unfair... :D


And now presenting the neat game that gave me a 3 second victory, perhaps the shortest I have ever experienced!


I was sick of that opening by white, so now I always do this. Sometimes I catch some players open their diagonal and leave it open, to expand more before using the bishop, since everyone already assumes they will fianchetto the bishop. However, sometimes, If you move just right, and bring the opponents attention away from that action, even if its for a second with a pawn movement or knight move, it might just give you a free minor piece ^^

Hope you enjoyed my 3 second game!