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Jan 7, 2012, 7:24 PM |

Current through January 7, 2012

Including ongoing games, since joining just about exactly two years ago I've played 271 games against 146 different opponents from at least 45 countries (I have no location information for one opponent).  I've played people from at least 25 U.S. states, and two more players I know were from the U.S. but nothing more specific about their location.

I keep a Google Earth file for all my games.  Ideally I like to know the current home city or town for an opponent, but some people aren't comfortable revealing that information.  If all I know is a country or state/territory, I place that person's marker in the capital city of the lowest level governmental body I know.  The exception is the U.S., where I already have some markers located near D.C., so markers for people I can't place more locally than just the U.S. are located close off the Atlantic Coast where they won't get in the way.  The one player for whom I have no location information at all is placed out in the middle of the southern Indian Ocean (and not even on an island Cool ).

I've decided to get rid of the single world map and post multiple screenshots of the actual Google Earth file.  These same shots are also posted in a photo album, but there the images are constrained to the width of the standard column (600px, I think), and in this blog I can post photos that are wider than that.  The images appear below the list summary.

Africa (2 countries, 2 opponents) 

Morocco (1): Rabat
South Africa (1): Cape Town

Asia (12 countries, 23 opponents)

Armenia (1): Yerevan
Azerbaijan (1): Tabriz
India (5): Bhinmal; Delhi; Pune; T. Kalathur; unknown
Indonesia (2): Jakarta City; unknown
Iran (2): Garmsar; Qaemshahr County
Kazakhstan (1): Petropavlovski
Malaysia (3): Johor Bahru; Kuantan; Shah Alam
Pakistan (1): Al Gorjra Dist. TT Singh
Philippines (3): Cavite City; Davao City; unknown
Singapore (1): Singapore
Uzbekistan (1): unknown
Vietnam (2): Hanoi; Ho Chi Minh City

Europe (23 countries, 58 opponents)

Belgium (2): Baasrode; Brussels
Bulgaria (3): Blagoevgrad; Botevgrad; Sofia
Croatia (1): Osijek
Czech Republic (1): Ostrava
Finland (1): Kuopio
France (1): Toulouse
Georgia (2): Tbilisi; unknown
Germany (4): Cologne; Essen; Leipzig; unknown
Greece (2): Patras; Thessaloniki
Hungary (1): Veszprem
Ireland (1): Dublin
Isle of Man (1): Ballasalla
Italy (3): Gorizia; Milan; Palermo
Netherlands (4): Leiderdorp; Overveen; Rotterdam (2)
Norway (3): Askin; Oslo (2)
Poland (2): Bialystok; Torun
Romania (2): Bucuresti; Drobeta-Turnu Severin
Russia (3): Moscow (2); Ulyanovsk
Serbia (2): Bor; Rudna Glava
Slovakia (1): Bratislava
Spain (3): Barcelona; Guadalajara; Marin
Sweden (6): Stockholm; Svedala; Ulricehamn; Upplands-Vasby; Vannas; Vimmerby
U.K. (9):

England (9): Birmingham; Bristol; Chelmsford; Dalming; Darwen; Hadleigh, Suffolk County; Hastings; Manchester; North Yorkshire

North & Central America (5 countries, 54 opponents)

Canada (8):

Alberta (1): Bon Accord 
New Brunswick (1): Moncton
Ontario (4): Hamilton; Niagara Falls; Ottawa; Toronto
Quebec (2): Quebec City (2)

Dominican Republic (1): Santa Domingo
Guatemala (1): Guatemala City
Mexico (1): Guadalahara
United States (43):

California (4): Bay Area; Los Angeles; San Diego; San Francisco
Colorado (2): Broomfield; unknown
Florida (3): Orlando; unknown (2)
Georgia (1): Byron
Hawaii (1): Honolulu
Idaho (1): Nampa
Illinois (1): Peoria
Indiana (1): Ft. Wayne
Kansas (2): Potwin; Wichita
Kentucky (3): Elizabethtown; Lexington; Nancy
Maryland (2): Millersville; unknown
Massachusetts (1): Lowell
Michigan (4): Detroit; Gilmore Township; Novi; unknown
Minnesota (2): Mankato; Minneapolis
Missouri (1): St. Louis
New Jersey (1): unknown
New Mexico (1): Sierra Vista
New York (2): Bronx, New York City; unknown (1)
North Carolina (2): Goldsboro; Greensboro
Ohio (1): Cleveland
Oklahoma (1): Ponca City
Texas (1): Houston
Virginia (1): Norfolk
Washington (1): Seattle
Wisconsin (1): Madison
Unknown (2)

Oceania (2 countries, 5 opponents)

Australia (4): 

New South Wales (1): Sydney
Tasmania (1): Blackmans Bay
Victoria (1): Melbourne
Unknown (1)

New Zealand (1): Auckland

South America (1 country, 3 opponents)

Brazil (3): Criciuma, Santa Catarina; Sao Paulo; unknown

Unknown (1 opponent)


And here are the maps.  The markers are color-coded for my results against the opponent:

  • green for an opponent against whom I took more than half the possible points
  • red for an opponent who bested me for more than half the possible points
  • purple for opponents with whom I split results
  • yellow for current opponents, regardless of whether we've had any previous completed games

You'll see a very few placemarks with player names in red text-- those are players who were ultimately kicked out of for cheating.

On my actual Google Earth file, clicking on a placemark brings up a box with information on the opponent (location, opponent #) and our games (tournament/match name and game parameters, game #, starting and ending dates, outcome, method of termination, opening, number of moves and days, Rybka evaluation of final position, etc.).  There are also live links to the opponent's profile page and the game and tournament pages.

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