Bobby Fischer Books. . . . Found Several at the Library . . .

Sep 3, 2010, 6:37 PM |

I logged into the library computer and found a Bobby Fischer book titled "Bobby Fischer's Greatest Games" It was at another library 60 miles away. I requested it and they brought it down to my library.


I read through the first chapter it was the game named "The game of the Century" Bobby played Donald Byrne USA.

The book was written by Eric Schiller and it had typos in the games. Somebody else took the time to cross out the errors and inserted the right moves in blue ink.

I walked into a used book store this afternoon, what a manificent collection of used chess books they had. There was another Fischer chess book. I think it was "My best 60 games." It was written in the old style. The price was $15.00 It was in great condition. I left it there. I should have purchased it.

There were several Torre books. I looked at about 40 books and I straightened their shelves while I was there. The store gives me a discount since I teach chess.

Below is one of my chess boards. It is a yard square formica table top. As you can see it is also set up for backgamon.












Tonight I will start reading the book and playing the Fishers game. I know I will be amazed. I downloaded the PGN program and I will put the games on it as I read it.

I got the first one in already tonight.

Have you guys played out any of Bobby's  games?

                       Bye for now.