Jun 26, 2011, 1:51 PM |

Hey. I have a card chess game and it makes chess a game of chance.

It was invented by a chess player in Santa Rosa, Ca. 37 years ago. It has a current pattent. I have played it with my grandchildren and two of my grown sons and it is actually a fun game. Even my grandchildren have beaten me. Any one can lose or win a game and it doesn't take a long time to play.

So it can be one vs one, or partners two against two. Or even one against two, you just alternate who draws the card and makes the move.

A card is drawn from a stack of cards and the picture on the card is the piece that has to be moved. You do have a choice Which to move when you draw a major piece. When you draw a pawn then it is a specific pawn that has to be moved.

Touch move is employed and if you release it it stays there if it is a legal move. In this game the king can move into check.  The kids learn what check is.

When the your king is in check, you still draw a card and move what is shown. When the person checking get to move the piece that is checking the king. The game is over because it is allowed to take the king.

There is a version where four cards are handed out and that gives you a chance to use tactics and a choice of which card to play. That one was great fun.

By the way this is actually a teaching tool as the players have to move all pawns and the pieces correctly according to normal game. After a few games my granddaughter said, "Papa I want to play a real game."

She know all the moves even the "en passant and how to castle"

When my friend gave it to me a year ago the price was $5,00 for the set of cards and the instructions when you purchase 4 of them. It is $6.00 when you purchase one, both are plus shipping. If you'd like to order leave me a message and I will give you the contact number. These are great Christmas stocking stuffers.

Bye for now.