Chess in Movies

Dec 8, 2010, 6:46 AM |

Here is a rundown of some of the movies that have chess.

Of course I have my own favorite choices and the worst one.

I love Searching for Bobby Fischer! Since it all about chess and family. I have two, a VHS and a DVD copies. I have two of Josh Waitzkin's books. Attacking Chess and his Karate world championship book.

I like the Crown Thomas Affair the sexy seven minute scene. The openning start out Ruy Lopez.

Lucky Number Sleventh. It's actually a movie play on chess. Black against white. Attack on the kings. Each king has a son that gets killed. The live in a castle accross from each other. They haven't left their castle in twenty years. Until Sleven shows up and attacks their domains. Bruce Willis plays the white side against the black, just like Fischer used to practice and he always won.

The worst is The Seventh Seal. Boring!

Now here is the list and you can make your choice which to rent and watch. . .

2001 Space Odyssey. Plays Hal. !

Dawn of the dead.  Plays chess on the roof.

Searching for Bobby Fischer! Complete movie on chess. Best!

Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone. Short scene. !

Geri's Game:  Animated

From Russia with Love: James bond movie. !

The seventh seal:  Death plays chess. Terrible. Boring.

Dangerous Moves: La Diagonale du Fou. ?

Knight Moves: 1992 mystery killings. ?

Columbo the Most Dangerous Match:  One Tv show. ?

The Thomas Crown Affair: Sexy chess scene. It starts Ruy Lopez!

Knights of the South Bronx: I read the book. ?

The Geek: ?

The Bone Collector: Danzel Washington ?

Have any other suggestions.