I'm Having Surgery . . .

Sep 13, 2010, 8:53 AM |

I am old and my knees have worn out from playing too much soccer and bowling. Tuesday morning I am having my right knee replaced. Hopefull I will be good as new in about 8 weeks.

My family will be taking care of my home needs after I am discharged. I am grateful for that. I know that this type of surgery is done all the time just like heart by pass are done routinelly.

The stay at the hospital in three days. I will be back posting stuff in about a week. I have only one chess game going at this time. Dinty and I will meet the two day criteria to make a move. He is working with me by posting his move as late as possible on Wednesday to allow me to get back home and make my move in time.

I wonder if Kaiser has Wi-fi and I can take my laptop with me?


                        Bye for now.