Removing a Defender to Mate in Four . . .

Sep 2, 2010, 4:27 AM |

I have many chess books and I can pick any of them up and I still learn something. Maybe I had not read, skipped or have forgotten that part, so it is like its brand new again.

This is my new book, "Attacking Chess" publised by Fireside Chess Library written by Josh Waitzkin. Who is Josh? Remember the movie, "Searching for Bobby Fischer?"

I also read his other book is a martial arts book about his journey to becoming World Champion after he moved away from chess. "The Art of Learning"

The following game is Waitzkin's match that was played in 1989 New York high school championships. Josh Waitzkin vs Eric Smith.

It is a mate in four. The theme: to remove the piece preventing the mate.

I know that you can look at the answer, but try it before you look at it. Before I saw how it was done, I had done three variation and didn't get the answer. They were longer and each had another sub variation.

Don't be afraid to spend time on it. Nobody will know that it took you quite a while. Nor will they know you found it so quick.

I hope you try it.

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That was the sequence for the mate now that you tried it yourself.

The piece to remove was the  black knight.


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