Robin Williams and I, each bought a Computer

Aug 14, 2014, 5:57 AM |

When I was buying my first computer, a man wearing whatd looked like a farmers outfit. It looked like he had been working in the garden. He was wearing a dirty tan hat.

He was also looking at the same computer I was looking at.

                                It was Robin Williams.

"What do you think is the best one?" He said to me.

I said "This one is just a Franklin clone of an Apple II."

"Are they both the same?"

"Not really, This Franklin will do the same same and run the same programs as the Apple but it is way cheaper."

As I left the store we smiled and knodded to each other. He bought an Apple II. I bought the Clone


Later on I found out he had a home on the hills East of Santa Rosa, toward Sonoma.


                     May Robin Williams Rest In Peace.


In 1983 when I purchased my first full computer the Franklin 1000, it came with a one floppy 5 1/4 inch disc drive. It was the Apple II true clone.The Franklin Computer company was sued by Apple and in 1984 they stopped producing the Franklins. It is still in my garage. It would run any computer program made for the Apple II. In comparison to the present computers they were infants. 


That was 32 years ago!