DJAbacus Study Plan 2014

Aug 31, 2014, 2:57 AM |

After a 2 month break earlier in the year and the new OTB season approaching I am really focussed on taking my game to the next level. Currently my ECF ratings is 99 (FIDE: 1423  USCF: 1536) so I am solid class 'C' player. My aim is to become a Class 'B' player asap.

I have created a study plan which aims to cover all areas of my game:


Daily Routine: 

1) Practice Chess Openings using the excellent Chesspositiontrainer.

2) Tactics Training:

  • 30 unrated 'theme based' tactics e.g. discovered attacks on . 
  • 30 rated tactics on Tactics Traner (tags off).
3) QMGT (Quick Master Games Technique) x25. Approx. 1 minute per game.

Weekly Routine:

1) Opening Study: Looking in more detail at a specific opening in my repertoire. 
2) Middle game Study: Looking at a specific topic, such as 'doubled pawns.
3) Endgame Study: Looking at a specific endgame e.g. Rook and Pawn or working on a position in a recent game.

General Study:

1) Book Study: Currently working though 'Reassess your Chess' by Silman.
2) Video Study: Currently working through Dan Heisman's 'Amateur Game Series' on ICC.

Game Analysis:

The aim is to play and analyse 3 games a week (long time control OTB or online)
1) Commentary: After the game add comments for each move relating to my thought process.
2) Analysis: Analyse key positions in the game.
3) 3rd Party analysis: Give my game to a friend/fritz and compare the analysis.
Now, obviously this is a lot of work and it is not always possible to acheive this.  The 'Weekly Studies' can take much longer and I am not always able to train tactics and look through Masters Games on a daily basis.
The aim is to try to cover all areas of my game and do as much as possible.
Please feel free to comment. I would really appreciate the thoughts of those who are in a similar position.