lesson #1 section #1

Nov 26, 2015, 4:50 PM |

I am chasing NM and CM titles. I have decided to do some lessons. The sections are as follows.

Section #1: 0 to 600 rated players.

Section #2: 600 to 1000 rated players.

Section #3: 1000 to 1600 rated players.

Lets start section one lesson one!

For all 0 to 600 players its time to improve your tactics! Forks are where one piece attacks to pieces at the same time. Below is a simple fork.



 Okay. Lets move on to other tactics. The two other tactics we will cover are swewers and pins. The following puzzle has a pin.
The following puzzle has a skewer in it.
 The reason I didn't explain what a pin and skewer were before you did the puzzles was so that you could figure out what a pin and skewer was on your own.
Assignment for lesson one: If you have a premiun account do 10 to 20 tactics trainer problems. If you don't solve the following puzzles and do 5 tactics trainer problems. The awnswers are right below this. I am not doing these in puzzle format so you learn to calculate tactics in your head which is important for games. These puzzles are all pins, forks, and skewers. They are supossed to get harder.
Awnswers: 1.Re8+ and then Rxe2.
2.Qa5+ and then Qxe1.
3.Nc7+ and then Nxd5.
4.d7+ and then Qxf6 because the pawn on g7 is pinned to the king.
5.Nb5+. This looks like a fork but after the forced move Ka8 white plays Qxa6+ and because the b7 pawn is pinned to the king white wins the queen.
White to  move.