Lesson 1 section 2


I have got time to write up lesson 1 for section 2 600-1000 rated players. For the section 2 players lets do something differant. We will do tactics in a later lesson. I think all the 600-1000 players need to learn opening theory. The opening theory will be on common openings. yes I know there are many lectures and videos on openings as they are a easy to teach topic. The first lessons for this section will be on openings. I will say that all the 600-1000 players I have played need to learn openings in more depth. Enough talk more lesson! 

 As the most common first move is e4 I will explain two openings starting with e4 in these lesons. Then will will learn 2 more openings that start with e4. I will talk about one opening that starts with d4. Later I will explain that opening in more depth. Lets start with the following opening. It is a BAD opening. I am showing it first just to make sure you don't play it. Here it is.


Well that was painfull to write. Lets move on to better openings that you CAN play.                                                                                                                    


                              Lets see the second response.  


                           Now lets go to the third variation.


That is all for now. The next lessons will be on openings. Now. The Assignment.

Assignment for lesson 1 section 2: Get a book on openings or look at openings using game databases. Explore the openings used by Top players and learn some opening theory! For those of you with diamond acounts watch some chess.com videos on popular openings and for those of you without diamond acounts go to youtube and watch videos on openings.I recamend the book Openings for dummies by james eade.