4 Interesting Chess Puzzles

Jun 22, 2014, 7:05 AM |

This is a small collection of some chess puzzles that I found across internet and they seemed interesting to me, that's why I decided to share them with other people so that they can enjoy it too. Hope that they won't be too easy for you Wink. These puzzles consists of two mate puzzles and two find the winning move. Here they are:

The first puzzle is a mate in four. White has already sacrificed two minor pieces to reach to this position. Can you find the four move mating sequence?

The second and third puzzles are find the winning move puzzles so don't over think yourselves in order to find a mating sequence which does not exist, rather find the move(s) that forces black to throw the towel:
Both white's knight and c5 rook are under attack and it seems that white had to move away his rook and allow the exchange of knights but white finds an interesting way that not only saves both his rook and knight but allow himself to gain and exchange (knight for the rook). Can you find the winning sequence?
Find the single moves that is devastating:
And last but not the least, a mate in three puzzle. There are very few pieces left on board but don't understimate this puzzle, many players gived up on this one:
Have fun!