Blunders: Funny or Tragic?

Blunders: Funny or Tragic?

Jul 29, 2014, 2:31 PM |

The title clearly describes what i am going to write in this blog. As a living example of an amateur this nasty thing (blunder) happens to quite frequently and it even occurs more in blitzs. When i first heard about this word and saw some actual examples of it i found it funny, but now after many years playing chess i found that blunders are more tragic than funny both when they happen to me or to my opponent (or even in game of two other people). What do you think? Are they seems funny to you or tragic? Well maybe some very original examples can help you in deciding? here they are:

1.Vladimir Kramnik

2.Bobby Fischer

3. Again Bobby

4. David Bronstein

5. Murray Chandler

6.Alexander Beliavsky

7.Carl Schlechter

8.Deep Blue Surprised

So funny or tragic?