School starts soon!

Jul 30, 2009, 3:22 AM |

This is a pattern of life for me.  I am so ready for school to start; I always feel better about life when I start substitute teaching again, even though I am worried and nervous to go back.  But I have been doing it for 14 years now and I really do enjoy it.  It is amazing what one day of purposeful work and the thought of actually getting paid for your work can do for one's self-esteem.

Things that make life better:

1.  getting a good haircut

2.  Having a good challenging day at work

3.  Making a real friend and fostering that relationship

4.  Hearing your 5 year old who has been going to Bible School this week say, after you have been working on something you think is important and tell her you are going to rest now, "You are going to rest just like God did after he created the world!"

5.  Going to bed when you are tired

6.  Eating when you are hungry

7.  Making decisions based on your own life constructs (knowing you are trying to do the best you can) and not worrying whether or not other people approve.