Jan 7, 2009, 6:12 PM |

When did we lose our means to reason? The mid-east war, yes I said war, is so misunderstood it is difficult to comprehend. Let us examine what has unfolded since 2005.

Israel pulled not only it's troops, but it's citizens out of Gaza. This gave the Palestinians every opportunity to build it's own territory. What has happened in the Gaza since then.

 Hundreds of millions, or billions of dollars have poured into the governing body of the Gaza. Whom might that governing body be? The citizens of Gaza have voted the Hamas party into power, and what have they done with that money? 

The normal thinking person would answer; schools, roads, housing, electricity, water, etc. That's where the money has NOT gone. The money goes for weapons, and  fighters for Hamas. This money has allowed Hamas to fire almost 7,000 rocket's, and missels into Israel.

They must be aimed at military positions, you say. No they are not possible to aim these weapons. They are not sophisticated enough. They land in many cases in civilian areas. They have killed, maimed, driven people wild, etc.

Israel endures this for years, what other country would? The answer is none! Finally, I said finally Israel decides to fight back. With superior weaponry, they can destroy the Gaza in minutes, but this is Israel I am talking about. They get condenmed in the UN for everything they do. They have been chastized for using disproportionate force. Simply speaking; "if your opponent uses a knife, you use a gun." That seems to have been done throught history, but only Israel is not supposed to do this.

Is this not hypocricy? Hamas fires using human shields, and religous sights. Using houses, schools, hospitals, etc. In its defense, Israel fires back, killing innocent people that Hamas has put in harms way.

Many of us have lost our way to reason, maybe because of propaganda. If it was your country in Israels position, what would you want your government to do?