Fourman Chess who want to war?

Dec 22, 2013, 9:20 AM |

I'm starting this blog to start a conversation for the think tank at to bring another powerful and wonderful game to the chess community. Fourman chess. Four people playing one game at the same time. Turning the battle feild of chess into a all out war game where there's an ememy on all side of you.

     The best part of this game is that danger is on all sides of the board. Turning the best of the best into the worst of the worst, because they have to get out of the treditional way of thinking, and looking at how to capture just one King. Lets open and turn the chess world on its head and bring several people together at one time. There is so many positives in this revamped game that the Chess World community would benefit from playing multiple opponets. Not only with the game but also the brain stimulation that Fourman Chess will bring to the chess community. Bringing the avrage chess player on another feild of playing with also turning IM, GM and all other masters of the together at one time.

     Lets get behind this to experience another aspect to chess that will push us in a direction to advance the chess experience.