Caissa's favor withdrawn.

Oct 21, 2011, 6:28 PM |

In a recent article IM Brian Smith talked about chess as a mystical game, relying of physic energy as much as anything.

"Chess is a mystical game in that regardless of the amount of analysis and attempts to find the absolutely correct moves at various stages of the game, it is still just a fight of energy between two people. The actual moves don’t matter as much as you think! Yet, at the same time, it is the moves that decide the result of the game. If two players are in the same class (or, if you compare your own results at various times in your life) the differences are based on psychic energy. This is true at all levels. When you are in sync with Caissa, everything goes right – nothing bothers you. When – on the other hand, you aren’t – problems build up constantly and seem insurmountable."

The full article can be found here:

I was going through a game I played a few weeks ago and found that I didn't really understand my own moves - my opponents were easy to follow, but my own?  No.  IM Smith's idea of physic energy struck home.  Suddenly I understood why some opponents are strangly easy to beat while others - rated lower than me - were so hard.  I've been paying too much attention to opponent's ratings and my history with the opponent.  IM Smith talks to this in another article:

The game I was looking at was a little bit drull, but I've included it below.