What? Really? No updates?

Feb 18, 2012, 12:15 AM |

I've gotten a bit of feedback from a couple of people about this blog recently.  Glad people find my musing worthwhile Embarassed

I've just realised though that my last update was back in November ... between an extended xmas (got home last week - a month and a half after I'd planned) and my pc dying it might be a little bit longer.  It's a shame cause there are some interesting games to look at, but the computers I have now don't have the easy software.

Two things I have come to apprieciate with the break though ... 1) To be good you can't relax, even being tired drops moves.  Concentration and real thought are paramount to winning.  2) I've gained alot more respect for the old masters.  Even when trying to work the analysis through myself not having a computer to help makes it so hard.