I'm in the band!

Nov 4, 2013, 12:06 PM |

Who are we? Gee, I feel a little corny saying it out loud. We're THE band.  You know... The hottest band the planet has ever seen or heard... EVER! How can you not know this? There is five of us and I'm the guitarist. We be called "Fairy Tail". Our band "image" is a fairy with a wicked tail. Our band only sings story songs... All dealing with fantasy! For example: A mermaid falling for a human, a lonely immortal watching humans fall in love and grow old together, etc. Our first album was called... HIP-notic. The second was called SIN-ica. The idea worked... The music is what made it work. Well, we're about to go on stage for our first ever interview... Hope you enjoy! (We made sure to keep it short, so don't blink! We just allowed about one question per band member)

The five biggest stars (ever) walk onto the stage. The whole world is tuned in watching. By the time the ratings were counted it went down as the most watched show in all history. The interviewer tries his best to hold his composure in front of them. He starts with the singer of the band, Defajo.

"Defajo, how long did you want to be a singer and did you think it would ever lead to something like this... What do you say about rumors that your voice is the best ever heard?"

Defajo smiles her perfect smile and says, "I've always wanted to be a singer... And, no. I never could have dreamt it would have lead to ANYTHING like this! How could I, right? As for my voice, the fans are too nice. It's not my voice that makes the band, it's the fusion of all of us."

(Someone gives the interviewer a look that says that was too much and to limit the questions to one question)                                                                                    

The interviewer nods and moves onto the guitarist, D_Gray.

"D_Gray, everyone knows that you are the boldest member of the group. Do you think they could make it without you?"

I laugh and jokingly respond with:

"I'm sure the band knows they would fail without me! Come on, let's be honest... Everyone knows I'm the eye-candy! When I waggle my tail even fairies follow it!"                                                                     

"Royal-Class, You're the pianist... BUT, is it also true you write most of the songs AND came up with the titles for the band and songs?"

Royal-Class just looks at the interviewer and shrugs.

"We're a band... We do everything together. Do I come up with all the stuff? No way."

The interviewer doesn't seem to like the answer but moves on anyway.   

"Leshika.... Is it?"

Leshika (the drummer) cuts him off quickly and says:

"I'm not saying anything... I'm here for the MUSIC! THE MUSIC, YOU HEAR?"

The interviewer looks shocked and right before he opens his mouth again Leshika shoots him a look that scares him enough to move on to the the last member of the band.

"Um, Uh.... Witty Bonkers, you're the bass player, but there is also rumors that you were the first member of the band... Does that mean you formed the band?"

WittyBonkers politely smiled and said:

"Me... Haha, yes I did! Well, I could have. OR Maybe I was just the first asked! Maybe I was the last asked... Does it really even matter? Me and the band were talking before we came on. What makes us truly happy is not the money, fame, or anything like that. What really makes me and the rest of us happy is that....

I'm in the band!"