The words of power

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The words of power



Frank just couldn’t take them anymore. Those headaches! It was like his head was gonna explode, like something had to come out of there. He rang his good friend doctor Peterson again, because his pills weren’t cutting it.

“Can I come over, Pete? They aren’t going away even if I take the maximum dose. I must find something now or I will jump!”

“Come right over and we’ll talk things over. Surely we will come up with something. Come as soon as you can.”

“I’ll be there in half an hour.”

Frank jumped in his car and drove slowly to the doctor, just keeping it all together. He dragged himself to the door holding his head as the door swung open.

“Man, you look awful! Let me help you into the lounge.”

He took his coat and threw it in the chair, while he sat him in a comfortable chair.

“Thank you, Pete.”

“So, don’t the pills help at all?”

“Not a bit. The pain stays the same, whatever I do. If I walk, talk, eat, sit, rest in bed, I can’t even sleep anymore. I’m so exhausted. I can’t take this much longer. I can’t concentrate on anything and I even see worse. It has to stop now or I am going over.”

“Don’t jump to conclusions, you’re here now. I’m gonna do everything in my power to help you. We came a long way, Frank. I will make you better, I promise you. Where in the head do you feel it most?”

“It comes in waves. It always starts from the top of my neck and then it is like something is throbbing in my brain, like it wants to get out. Then the pain becomes unbearable until it starts all over again.”


Doctor Peterson looked for similarities with other cases.

“The first thing to do is to make a CT and an MRI scan to see how your brain looks. Come to the examination room of the hospital next door.”

After he took the scans he saw nothing out of the ordinary.

“It’s all good, Frank. I don’t know what it could be. You say you haven’t slept? For how long?”

“Oh, it’s been several days now. Every time I lay down the pain is just too strong for even a nap.”

The doctor took a book out of his library on sleep deprivation. Something caught his eye. He read for a few minutes and turned to Frank.

“Sleep deprivation can cause daydreaming and hallucinations. Do you see or hear things that aren’t there?”


“Do you dream?”

“No, every time the headache starts it is like something is shot into my brain, but I never get any images to it.”

“Do you have epileptic attacks?”

“Hell, no! That’s only missing!”

“Ok, I am going to put you on the EEG-recorder. I want to see if your brain shows any strange recordings. Come over here.”

He put an electrode mask over his head and started the computer. It started writing right away.

“We will let this computer write for forty minutes. Can I offer you something to drink?”

“Water please. And some pain killers.”

“First I want to see what we find. I know the painkillers don’t help so let’s be a little more patient, as I see that the recorder prints quite some deviated lines. Maybe we will know when the sequence is over. Hang on just a little longer.”

After the forty minutes doctor Peterson was studying the printout. He frowned and stared without seeing, as if he was trying to remember something. The surprise on his face was getting more and more clear.

“Do your episodes all take the same time?”

Frank thought for a moment.

“Now you say it. They seem to come in episodes of about ten minutes, I’d say.”

“Come look.”

Doctor Peterson pointed out:

“You see this? Four exact copies of the same writings. I never saw this before. It is like your brain is playing the same story over and over again. Let’s try this. You sleep in my laboratory tonight, while I watch over you. I give you a sleeping injection even a mammoth would fall asleep from. Then we see if the EEG changes. At least you get some sleep. In the morning we shall see how it looks. Ok?”

“Sounds perfect. How I long to sleep.”

While Frank was asleep doctor Peterson watched his EEG-recordings pass by. Then, suddenly there was a change. He scrolled up to see if he saw it right. It looked like there were words written into the sequence. Impossible, he thought. People don’t dream words into an EEG. He enlarged the computerimage and looked more closely.


He put his hand under his chin and frowned. Impossible, but true. He wrote the words down and scrolled down the EEG sequences. He noticed the sudden change. After those words his EEG started to look normal. His eyes opened wide and he moved back a bit. What is going on here? He looked for another hour, Frank slept tight and looked relaxed. All the following writings were like he saw so many times before. So this was what had to come out? He got himself some more coffee to try and get his head clear. He googled the words but there were no hits. What sort of words were they? Suddenly he thought of his archeologic friend. Maybe he knows something about words like these. Mike had read many books about ancient civilizations and their rituals, maybe he could find something in one of them.

The sun was rising by now and Frank was starting to move a little. Peterson moved over to him as he opened his eyes.

“Feel any better?”

“Much! I feel like I slept it off. I have no headache! That is, so far.”

 “That’s great! Shall I bring you some coffee?”

“That would be swell. I am glad I came.”

Five minutes later they were sitting in the lounge talking. Frank stretched out and yawned.

“The best day of my life. You can’t imagine how heavy this pain was. But I think it is over now. Did you see anything that may have caused it?”

“This is gonna sound silly, Frank, but I was watching your EEG-prints come onto the screen and they were all the same. Ten minutes like yesterday. Suddenly a change came. Normal sequences are just arches, but in this one words were actually written. Three words, I wrote them down.”

He gave him the paper he wrote it on.

“You see those words? After that the EEG didn’t produce the ten minute sequence anymore. All your further recordings look similar to what I see every day. It looks like your subconscience tried to tell you something. Do these words mean anything to you? I googled them but I got no hits.”

Frank studied the words for some time.

“They don’t mean anything to me. What did you make of them?”

“I don’t have a clue too. But I know an archeologist who may be able to do something with them. You do remember Mike, don’t you?”

“Oh, that imposter. Do we really have to visit him?”

“You got a better idea? He knows a lot about old civilizations and knows many ancient languages. These words look like they might come from there.”

“Yes. I’ll have to think about it for while. Just let me get some breakfast and more coffee, then I’ll decide.”

Frank thought the whole story through, while trying to clear his head. After he felt strong enough about it they agreed the doctor would make the call. Mike and them would meet in two days, as Frank was still not sure how he would feel the coming days.

That saturday they left for Mike, as Frank was feeling allright.

“Wow! I didn’t know this guy had such a large house. I should have become an archeologist, I see. That pays much better than being a psychologist,” Frank said.

“Yeah, just shut up about it to Mike. He doesn’t like references to his wealth. We are asking for his help, remember? So don’t get him excited.”


They stepped out of the car and walked up to the villa. They rang the bell and there was Mike.

“Hi, Mike. Do you remember Frank?”

“Hi there. Ah, yes, we met.”

They shook hands while Mike walked them to the living room. Frank looked around in awe when he saw the swimming pool and the luxury around.

“Nice place you got here, Mike.”

“Thank you, it makes me feel right at home. No outsiders looking in, you see. Now, what brought you here? I don’t get a psychologist and a brainsurgeon visiting me every day, so this should be good.”

“We have some words for you to look at that we don’t know. They came up on this paper,” Peterson said, as he handed the printout to Mike. “This is an EEG sequence.”

 Mike studied the sheet for some time.

“Is it normal to have words in an EEG sequence?”

“Far from it,” Peterson explained, “this is the first time I see words in them in all my years of looking at them.”

“I see. But why did you come to me with this?”

“We looked those words up over the internet and in our encyclopedia. We found no references to them. I thought that maybe you could find out what they meant. Maybe they come from an old language.”

“Whose EEG is this?”


He looked at Frank like he was guilty of something and stared for a while.

“Hmmmm. stalaminecro, zelaminecro, sephaminecro. These words have one thing in common. Necro. Necro usually has to do with death or dark things.  Many books are written around this theme, including magic, voodoo, esoterics, mysticism and so on. I may be able to help you but this will take some time. Shall we meet tomorrow the same time here? Then I will most likely have your answer. In the meantime don’t talk to anyone about this until tomorrow, ok?”

“No problem,“ Peterson said. “Good luck!”

“See you tomorrow, fellows,” Mike said as he walked them to the door.

When Frank and Peterson drove home they talked about how strange it was that Mike didn’t want them to talk about it, but they agreed tomorrow they’ll probably find out.

In the meantime Mike was exstatic. He picked up the Necronomicon * and laid it open at the large table, as it was a massive book. He looked for the chapter “words of power” and started reading. No words of power were actually in it, because those words were secret. Only the old warlocks were told these words by word of mouth. When Atlantis sank, so did the old magic. This book only told you which gestures you had to make before speaking a word of power. So he practiced the gestures a few times before he was going to try them out for real. He then took an old table, made those gestures, pointed at the table and cried out “stalaminecro”.

The table disappeared for a few seconds. Then it was back in his old place. He tried it a few more times and got the same results. After that he tried out the other words. He tried and tried but nothing really happened. So he read the whole chapter again and again, but there was nothing he could find that would help him. So he tried different sequences of the gestures, spoke the words in the reverse way, did everything he could think of, but to no prevail. Well, at least I got something, he said to himself. They are going to be amazed tomorrow.

He went through his whole library to try and find more ancient books about the subject. He also gave the internet a try, but nothing came up, no matter how much he read. So he went to sleep, tired of it all.

The next day he stood up early and read all more, but as the time of arrival was closing in, he practised his trick a little more, with always the same result. The doorbell rang. Excited he stood up and let them in.

“Welcome gentlemen. Have I got a surprise for you!”

“Did you find anything?” Peterson asked.

“Oh, yes! It may not look like much, but I don’t know exactly what the overall implications are. Just watch.”

Frank and Peterson sat down as Mike grabbed the old table. He made the gestures and cried out “stalaminecro”.

The table, of course, was gone for a while and then returned. The observers looked at each other in amazement and then looked at Mike a bit frightened.

“How did you do that?” Frank asked.

“Well, didn’t you see? I made some gestures and it disappeared and then it came back.”

“Yes, but.”

“Is this some kind of trick you made up to fool us?” Peterson asked.

“This is no trick. It is a form of old magic. The warlocks from Atlantis knew this trick and many more. I guess that is why they are no longer here.”

“How do you know this?” Frank asked.

“I read it in a book.”

“See, Frank, I told you he could help us. Do you know what the other words mean too?”

 “No, but I will try to find out. See my library? Many books to go through.”

They looked around at the endless shelfs of ancient books.

 “Do you have any idea why the brain of Frank seemed to have released these words?”

“Patience, my friends. In time this question may be answered.”

 “Do it again,” Frank asked.

 Mike did the same and the table left for a while and came back like nothing happened. Frank stood up and tried it too. Nothing happened.

“You got to use the exact gestures, as every single gesture has a meaning, including the sequence,” Mike said. “Look.”

He made the same gestures and this time he pointed to Frank. And surely he disappeared. But he didn’t come back! Anxiously Mike looked at Peterson while they both waited for him to come back.  Peterson started to look angry, while staring down Mike.

“What did you do to him?”

 “I don’t know, honestly. You saw the table. It came back. I don’t know why Frank isn’t back yet.”

“I’m sure you don’t.”

 As Peterson was rising, Mike made an instant decision. He quickly made those gestures, pointed at Peterson and said “stalaminecro.”

 He disappeared into thin air. He was gone too. Mike tried to think about what went wrong but he didn’t have much time to think. Out of the corner of his eye he saw a person suddenly sitting there in the far corner of the living room. Mike startled and looked at him with wide open eyes.

 “Relax! Hahaha. I didn’t mean to scare you. I like the gifts you sent me.”

 Mike just stood there staring.

 “Come on, is this a way to greet your new friend? Sit down before you fall down, hahaha.”

 Mike fell back into the chair behind him. His face was white and he felt like all power left his body.

“So you like to play with magic? I could teach you a few things. How about this trick?”

The man made gestures so quick Mike couldn’t follow them and said “zelaminecro”.

 And surely, there were Frank and Peterson again. When they saw him they went straight for him, with murder in their eyes. Mike was too baffled to do anything, but the man made the two disappear again with the stalaminecrospell, before they could reach Mike.

 “See, I’m your friend, hahaha.”

“Who are you?” Mike dared to ask.

“Ah, you want a name. Yes, you people are so fond of names. Like you can’t remember who is who when you don’t give them a name. I got many names on earth. Where I come from there are no names. If you want to give me a name why don’t you call me master, hahaha.”

The situation was getting out of hand for Mike. He felt that he had to do something. He quickly made the gestures and cried out “stalaminecro”. Nothing happened.

“Hahahaha, I like you already! You are just the type of guy that is worth my attention. Shall I give you a quick vision of where you sent your two “friends” to?”

He sent Mike into the other dimension for a second and let him return. Mike suddenly felt a boost of energy running through his body, but it was as if he was a changed man. He felt more powerful but also something else had changed that he couldn’t put his hand on.

 “Did you like it here?”

“I am not sure. To me it seems nothing happened, except that I feel more energized.”

“Oh, you changed a lot! Time will tell. He, who sees my world, will never be the same. Your going to be a real asset of this world. That is, in my opinion, hahaha. You will live for thousands of years, until I no longer need you or you mess it up yourself. You will be rich and will be the puppetmaster of the people behind the curtains.”

“Are there more people you visit this way?”

“Just a couple of thousand. We got to make this world somewhat fair, not? The people I don’t visit must have a little chance, or this world would get boring. That is what happened to Atlantis. These people knew too much and the world belonged to them. There is a fine balance that needs to be met, call it Yin Yang.”

“How did you know that it would be me those two would come to?”

“Do you know cause and effect? You people guess, but I know.”

 “What are you gonna do with them?”

“You let me worry about that.”

“So, who are you?”


The man showed him some of his avatars by the third word of power, which Mike remembered all too well. He had seen those creatures in many books he read.

“Oh, my god!” he exclaimed.

“How nice of you to call me that! Hahahaha.”


* reference to an old friend of mine, the writer H.P.Lovecraft and his imaginary book.