Tips For Better Bullet Results

Tips For Better Bullet Results

Oct 1, 2012, 10:23 AM |

        Bullet is fun not only for you but thousands of sand bagging mobs cru chess players. It is more fun when you are good at it and most fun when your very very good. Citing Nakamura's name every morning as a ritual might not be pleasing for Hikaru himself.

        Reading his "One Minute to mate" certainly is a wiser thing to do. If you don't have enough cash to purchase that book on Amazon or ebay, it's ok. This could be your second best thing to do. But remember little knowledge is a dangerous thing. So if you read does far, please do complete it. 


Warning : Look at the bullets making your soon to be killed king.
Silly Tips that might spoil your chess career :
Don't think before you move. Yes I know what you are thinking. What? How is that ever possible? This is chess, a thinking game. Eating time, gobbling dozens of seconds per move suggest your opponents that you are the right person in the clearly wrong place. It's a carnal sin here. Got it or leave it.
Adrenaline rush. Sounds exciting. You are on a delicate ground mate. That could leave an unlucky fellow in another world if his nerve breaks since no man can be alive with his nerve being cracked, woman included. Health hazards is a serious case for everybody. No case reported so far.

Blunders didn't make your opponent lose the game. Why, why, why and still why? You ask this to anybody even to seven years old kid who is not a chess player. Somebody looks like a baby here. Anyway, hundreds of training sessions devoted to blunder eradication do not bring results here. Instead your opponent mocks at you or simply got the balls and threw a queen, remember a queen for your mere pawn. Did you win the game? Nope, your flag falls. He said "gg" and you went terribly sad to the extend of being crazy. As a consequence, your account is removed from all chess sites.

Addiction. Making bullet as your best friend huh! Fast friends are a real recipe for personal disaster. Refuse this tip cos it's controversial. No explaination indeed.

Now comes the real tips for bullets aspirance :-
Tips#1 :
Get the best internet connection plus a perfect mouse. This itself is enough to make you better than 70% of the players. Remember, speed is the key. Lag is bullet enemy no.1 period.
Tips#2 :
Enable premove even at the cost of abusing it. Auto promote your pawn to queen. Be a little careful cos you need to promote without giving stalemate. Move order that's the thing here.
Tips#3 :
Look at your opponent's time after you make a series of premoves. Premoves give you the moment you need to use your that wonderful blue eyes.
Tips#4 :
Material is nothing here. Also make a habit to move pieces nearest to mouse cursor during acute time pressure.
Tips#5 :
If your opponent's clock is less than 5 seconds, surprise him by checks at irregular places.
More tips to come in the future....