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Dream Setups #2

Dream Setups #2

Apr 27, 2013, 4:42 PM 7

(Link to Previous Blog:)http://www.chess.com/blog/DaChessJoker/new-series-dream-setups-1

I'm back for another edition of the series "Dream Setups." Today, I am going to show another position that is very strong, quite flexible, and fun to play:

This comes from an Open Sicilian, more specifically a Dragon or Najdorf Variation. The double fianchetto provides power over the long diaganols. The c-file is also owned by black, and can wreck havoc, depending on how white has played. But suprisingly, the queen is still on d8!!! Well, she doesn't have many places to be. Figuring it would be best to sit around until the time is left, the queen could just sit there, controlling the semi-open/open d-file. If white tried to pin the queen to the knight, a move like Qe8 keeps all at well.

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