King's Gambit Declined

King's Gambit Declined

Apr 12, 2013, 1:05 PM |

I think the King's Gambit is really old-fashioned. But never the less it is a nice opening.

After 1.) e4 e5 2.) f4 black has 3  lines to DECLINE the f-pawn:

Bc5, d6, and f6 (I know what you're thinking about f6...)

Now if you guessed, f6 fails to the following manner:

Now there is two other lines to go with:

Bc5, and d6

These two moves are the good ones. They both have a strong purpose, but their purposes are vastly different.

Bc5 favors a lead in development, and d6 chooses to defend its pawn immediately so it doesn't have to be bothered about later.

(Bc5 diagram)

(d6 diagram)