Hostile Dispute!

Aug 28, 2011, 4:31 PM |

Hello chess-folks.

To my dismay I was recently engaged in a heated dispute with another member of the chess community and I feel compelled to plead for your opinion reguarding this matter. I hope with your help that this ongoing dispute may be brought to a close. Your thought's would be very much appriciated.

The situation is this; in the film, I am Legand (which stars Will Smith and is set in a post-apocolyptic world) there are some terrifying creatures referred to as "night seeker's" they are the human beings that still remain in the world after a virus infects mankind. These creatures are aggessive, fast and some-what intelligent (though - much like me - I don't think they're capable of playing a decent game of chess.) They do not sleep in a coffin with one eye open, and at no point do they wither and melt, their dying body's billowing out smoke after they've being shown a silver crucifix. Though like vampires, these creatures are unable to go out during the day - they can't even go to the video store to pick up a porno and talk to some mannequins - but at least they can seek solice with each other and with their pet dogs (that are also plauged by the same infection.) But for poor old Will Smith these creatures are only ever his aggessor, and at no point does one even try to charm its way into Will's silky jocky shorts. 

This brings me to the reason behind the dispute, these creatures could be considered Zombies, and they could also be considered Vampires. So I ask you humbly, what would you call these creatures:

Vampires or Zombies?