First RP tutorial!

Oct 15, 2007, 5:19 AM |

I noticed my RP was becoming a little mixed up so I am giving a free step by step RP tutorial!

The first step is to think up a character. I will use my RP character, Loki Felborn, a panda shifter.

Next you write a character profile, for example;

First name: Loki

Last name: Felborn

Gender: Male

Age: 24

Race: Human 

Height: 5' 9"

Weight: 150

Skin color: a slight tan

Hair: none

Eye color: Blue

Clothing: Long, loose black pants but no shirt. He also carries a very large pack where he keeps various items.

Class(This deals with your character's... job, so to speak. There are many classes, some having sub-classes; warrior, cleric, bounty hunter, mage, and so on. It is common for a character to have multiple classes, but don't make him a great-at-anything-can't-be-beat type of person, a weakness is essential to a great RP character): Warrior/panda shifter, medium weapons class (Weapons class is often divided into heavy, medium, or light, I think you can figure out what weapons go where. *smiles*)

Weapon(s)/ability(A weapon isn't required in all RPs, but in this RP I suggest your character has someway to defend him/herself, even if the character is really agile and excells in hand to hand combat): Home-made pistol that can be set to full auto and can have a two foot long blade attached.


Loki has spent several years searching for the people who destroyed his city where he lived. During the fight where the city was destroyed, someone cut his face and ruined his right eye. After several painstaking days of recouperation two of the survivors, a smith and a mage, constructed an artificial eye for him. As a final request, they adjusted the eye so it could work like a sniper scope, it could zoom in and out. But since it was a last minute idea, the internal mechanisms could not be re-calibrated, as a result, the eye sometimes blacks out for a couple of seconds.


He wants to get back at the people who destoyed his home and his eye.


He likes attention so he tends to show off. He doesn't know how to interact with people so, sometimes, his attitude during conversations changes drasticly. He has a very difficult time interacting with females, but he realizes all these things about himself and he is trying to change. He also likes to travel. He is very alert and pays attention to everything he senses, with his eyes, ears, hands, or gut; a byproduct of his insecurity.

The next thing you want to do is write your first post. Make sure to include as much of your character profile as possible, as well as a detailed description of your location, the climate, the weather, and so on. Try to explain your characters motive/s in the first post as well.