Never believe ANYTHING you hear!!!

Oct 18, 2007, 7:41 PM |

I just had to write a blog on this, right now I am so mad, I don't care if Erik blocks it, as long as he doesn't block me from this site :).

This is purely educational!!!

I have noticed that people tend to believe what they hear so I will make a list of lies and truths that I have found after doing my own research:


U.S. has the strongest military

Ethanol releases less CO2 than gasoline

Global warming is true

No weapons of mass destruction were found in Iraq

The outsourcing of jobs in U.S. is Bush's fault

Not killing Osama Bin Laden was Clintons fault

Russia can't beat us in a war

Israel will survive WWIII

North Korea disbanded its nuclear program

Nuclear subs are better than diesel/electric subs


U.S. military has been weakened by the reduction of U.S. based factories, raw materials, and budget cuts

The creation of ethanol actually emits more CO2 than using gasoline

There is as much evidence saying that global warming is false or incorrect in some points as there is evidence saying that it is true, the media just said that evidence was paid for by big companies. Also about 20 years ago, NASA said there would be a new Ice Age and we would all die *scratches head* when did that happen?

This doesn't mean we haven't filled the air with smog, or other things.

Last I checked WMD included mustard gas and nerve gas, of which plenty was found in Iraq

It is actually Cliton's fault, but it was originally a good idea. By using that and military budget cuts he got rid of debt, we actually had negative debt.

No it was the hit man's fault. He just stood there scratching his head and decided to call his superiors. By then the opportunity window vanished

Russia can win. We have awesome planes but very few of them. They have a LARGE quantity of planes, tanks, weapons, diesel/electric subs (which are much quieter than nuclear subs). Just remember; quantity is a quality in and of its self.

Sadly, Israel probably will become a glass parking lot in WW-III but when it does, Israel will mobilize the rest of its armed forces and nuke all Middle Eastern capitals. We Israelis have lasted for 4,000 years we won't die without a fight.

Recently Israel bombed a N. Korean owed nuclear facility in Syria

In some respects diesel/electric subs are better. They are actually much quieter, within the past couple of years one enemy submarine actually crept into a British fleet formation (the British were on duty) and sunk the carrier without detection!! They are also less expensive to build and maintain.



Now you may ask this question:


Simple, I do my research, one site is

I also have a friend at school who is a political/military guru who shot me down in a political debate we had in about 3 seconds, and I was the best in the school before then :(