This is becoming a problem...

Sep 10, 2009, 9:13 PM |

What a magnificent feature that the developers have brought to us now!

I'm Dakota, whom just had a game (though one from many, many months ago) analyzed by Pruess on the new show. This was a phenomenal experience that is almost too good to be true. I'd like to extend another huge thanks to the team for how they've, yet again, created a monster to revolutionize chess. This show is amazing! :)

To David, I'd like to thank you for your insight in regards to my question about "college vs chess." I'm in my 3rd week of freshman year working towards an Accountancy major and I've just had the roughest time. =/

Being "on your own" with no one to tell you to study can be dangerous to a scholar who would much rather spend hours on This, of course, all comes down to the big aspect of "growing up" and learning self-responsibility. You started at a younger age which can make a whopping difference, but all the same, I want to be the BEST! haha...

I've been afraid to completely forget about chess, as I'm certain I haven't reached my potential yet. If only I could devote my time to chess like a full-time job. Alas, this is not in my best interest at this point in time and you've convinced me that giving up chess during the school year does not mean I won't be able to pursue a career in it afterwards. A 'plan B' (a.k.a. A degree XD) is always the best option in things like this.

Now, the big question is how do I go about erasing something that's racing through my mind probably 20 hours a day?!?! (yeah, I analyze positions in dreams)


Please carry on discussion with whatever you like in regards to Chess TV, balancing school/job & chess and help with "putting an addiction aside."

~Dakota Clark, Devout_Monk