Live Commentary from the 3rd Week

Live Commentary from the 3rd Week

Sep 17, 2012, 8:07 PM |

Live from UT Dallas Chess Team Room...

9:52 Alec draws to secure the match. Sarah is winning. I am out. Good job Dallasites!

9:38 2-0! Ino and his crazy games.

9:33 Games cleared up a bit. Alec is clearly in control now as well as Ino. Sarah still has a bit of work to do to convert her advantage.

9:23 Slow making little progress except Sarah letting the game go on longer than it should.

9:09 Everything now looks great for us. Ino up 35 minutes with Perez having 1 minute to find perfect moves. Alec kinda playing too passive with his unstoppable passed pawn but it's still better. Sarah just up a piece for nothing.

9:03 Board 4 is toying with my opinion. It's just flip flopping from "better for white to lost for white to hang a bishop for no reason". I give up trying to predict it.

9:01 Nevermind...just got a glimpse of Sarah's position. Ino CANNOT lose anymore.

9:00 My early prediction is simple: if Ino doesn't lose, we should take this match.  If that happens, then it's a coin toss.

8:55 Ino's horsey is now on f3. Lots of pressure on e4 but just as much pressure from white with his knights.

Alec is trying to trade queens now that he has the passed a-pawn but his opponent is correctly clinging to his king side attack...or lack of it. Not entirely sure how black can break white's fortress in time.




8:48 Ino's games are never done getting more complicated. It's unbelievable. 


8:43 If Alec can somehow trade queens off the board and take on a6 and put bishop on d5...daydreaming again.Sorry.

8:37 Sarah's position is very complicated.  Still better but needs to find correct moves.

8:25 Jeffrey just finished his game. I looked away for a sec then couldn't find his game. I assumed he disconnected again but good news everybody! 1-0 Dallas.

I am not liking Ino's position but I never like Ino's positions.

Sarah seems to be on the right path to a victory while Getz has a Sveshnikov set't ask me.