watering vision plants

watering vision plants

Mar 2, 2008, 10:35 AM |

 Dont let your dreams die. You can rationalize them. make them attainable,

You are alive to make your dreams come true.

So go and water your dream plants.

Dont let them die .




Occupation:  UN Retired Human Right Officer

USCF Rating: 1700:

My name is Bacwa Eqbal, born in Kabul educated in US , worked in post conflict Afghanistan, now I  live in Toronto as immigrant . I have  30 yrs experience as educator, diplomat, and community development officer in Afghan Education ministry, Afghan foreign ministry, and United nation office in Kabul. I like outdoor activities, (soccer, tennis, badminton and swimming ) Also I like picnics with family and friends, the bigger the better. Music , chess, and photography are my keen hobbies. I have written and translated dozens of books on history, education, journalism, culture, and civic affairs.

My Chess Style / Favorite Openings:

I have no conventional style in chess. But I describe it as my own style --guerrilla approach(short cuts) against conventional techniques ( formalism and bureaucracy).

I get hurt by heavy artillery like rooks and bishops, and the queen which organizes air attacks. Once I get rid of these, then my magic play is with the pawns which are like bulk of worker bees , the more you protect them, move them with good coordination the more the game become inspiring with new generation of heavy artillery popping up.

Often I launch surprise attacks, accept one, tow or 3 scarifies till I either capture the queen or checkmate the king. It is so fun to mate your opponent while his queen is slaughtering your pieces on the other side of the board.

Chess is a superb game of the mind and imaginations. I often confuse my opponent by launching small attacks or opening new fronts from different corners and directions.  My moves look odd, immature and loose to the opponent who sees all the pawns including the queen as servants of the king who stays  in the palace with quite a number of pawns and pieces, assigned to guard him. This strategy is too old, costly, non functional and luxurious for my chess.

My king is an, athletic team leader and a soldier if necessary. It does its own cooking and laundry too. It know that his main task is to move about wisely avoid falling in ditches and boost the morale of every piece and pawn in the field. Accordingly he is hiking up and down, and moves with the crowed days and nights to different locations. I count the number of pieces and pawns my king takes as compared with the lazy king of my opponent parked in a garage. Like the queen of a bee colony he is known as a helping hand to the needy ones. My king usually has no castle and fixed address. But if forced he likes long castling misleading the heavy artillery of opponent into distant  side of the board. Long castle has one more advantage as the rook jumping out of the gate poses sudden danger even a check to the other king  and or threatening any piece on the corridor.

Secondly the drastic shift of the king from trouble spot  makes the opponent frustrated  making  redeployment and maneuvers,  quite a risky and challenging task for him. This tactic if performed properly puts the heavy artillery of the opponent in a vulnerable spot, (too far from the rest and exposed to the numerous light shootings from close distance. Often the shift creates a vacuum for queen of the opponent to fall into a bear trap.  Having a mobile combatant king also allow the logistics and mobilizations of other pieces quiet efficient, fast with double character of defensive offences. As a historian I translated this strategy during the fight of afghan people against the red army.

I started playing chess in mid 1970s, did not have time for attending tournaments. I attended few weekend tournaments launched in Indianapolis and won the prize beating 3 out of five players on Saturdays, saving Sundays for myself and my studies. The Sunday players always beat me as we never met. And it didn’t hurt my prizes.

During last 3 decades I could not find the time and the strong players around to play with. In Chess and tennis you have to be very compatible to your opponent to make the game exciting, fun and challenging.

Its only couple months that I began playing online in Toronto and I found the chess.com the best site out of all. It has given educational, diplomatic and international character to this game.

I found all the 30 people I have played so far,intercontinental, very friendly and  in good spirit . So far I have played with middle age men  and couple talented young fellows about 16 yrs old. I enjoyed loosing to them. I thing thousands of Kasparoves and Fishers are popping up throughout the world as chess is becoming a public game rather an entertainment for the nobilities. I see very few female names though. It needs to be changed.

If Hillary wins, I think there would be more female chess players in waiting rooms of chess sites. I think it is a safe development that  CHESS is no longer monopolized by nobility, aristocrats , only men, or the elderly people, but has been made available to all.

I am happy to be a part of this global team and consider it as my dearest encounter in life. I have 3 sons but the youngest is the best for 10 years I played with him without queen. I was so happy that in 2007 once he beat me with my queen.

I found chess .com as the best course for globalization.  I think UNESCO owes the organizers  of Chess.com a formal support and recognition , may be a  big trophy.   

God bless you all.