Game 4: Huebner vs. Csom

Sep 24, 2016, 6:31 PM |

I'm going to be traveling until the second half of October, so this will be my last game until I return.  And it's a doozy.  


This is an incredibly complicated game. It is taken me two weeks to get through it. Okay, admittedly I didn't work on it every day. But the point is it took me twice as long to get this game analyzed and uploaded as it does other games. I also received a copy of Houdini Aquarium 2015 as I was getting started on this game. I have been very disappointed with Aquarium, which was the main reason for purchasing the product, but Houdini 4.0 is nice and I used it on this game along with Fritz and Stockfish.


So why am I talking about the technology? Because people are always telling me that I should just take whatever an engine says on faith. Yet, in this game, there were several points at which the engines disagreed with one another. So if I want to analyze the game and use it to enhance my understanding, what am I to do when Fritz tells me one thing, Houdini tells me another, and Stockfish tells me yet a third thing? It just goes to show that the human factor of trying to understand it really does matter no matter how great the engines are.  And this game allows plenty of chances to disagree with me.