Chess is Fun!

Jul 20, 2014, 7:58 PM |

Edit: "live" video is available at: Part 1 Part 2 Part 3 Part 4 (switched video server for part 4)

Normally I'd talk about the accuracy of chess games, but here we play in true 19th-century style and play the moves we want!  Without further ado, here's the game (analyzed by

Granted, we all miscalculate and err; but there are also psychological errors.  How fitting for the Frankenstein-Dracula opening!  Rowson describes symptoms of the seven deadly chess sins:

  1. Thinking - confusion, pattern limitations, lack of faith in intuition, 'bureaucracy'
  2. Blinking - missing key moments, lack of 'trend sensitivity' and 'moment sensitivity'
  3. Wanting - attachment to results, carelessness, chalking it up, expectation
  4. Materialism - misevaluating, lack of dynamism, oversights
  5. Egoism - 'forgetting' the opponent, fear, impracticality
  6. Perfectionism - Time-trouble, 'jam lust', 'moralizing', 'copy-cat crime'
  7. Looseness - 'losing the plot', drifting, 'neural hijackings', 'tension transference'

and as I'd define them:

  1. Thinking - logical errors
  2. Blinking - sensory errors
  3. Wanting - overambition errors
  4. Materialism - flexibility errors
  5. Egoism - desire errors
  6. Perfectionism - pragmatism errors
  7. Looseness - underambition errors

I'd say these sins are only "deadly" in that they affect the result; but chess isn't necessarily about the result!  I think this game illustrates all seven sins (at least as I define them)!

What an endgame!  What an adventure!  What a show!