The new years resolutions post.

Dec 9, 2007, 9:19 PM |

I'm going to succumb to the cheese and write a new years resolution post. And as everyone says when they make new years resolutions, I'm gonna do it this time!

 I guess it's probably best to start with my chess goals for next year given the theme of this site!


  • Bring my rating from 980 ACF to as close to at least 1200 ACF as possible, if I gain 50 rating points a period it is possible!
  • Study my endgame.
  • Build a decent opening repitoire at least against 1.e4 and 1.d4. I want to also work on finding an opening that works well for me. I enjoy open tactical positions! Feel free to comment below with some suggestions!
  • Play in a few interstate tournaments and some weekenders, this will help me with my goal of seeing more of Australia before I go back to New Zealand in a couple of years, and will helpme with my chess! I am going to be working in the construction industry next year which is a 6 day week, so I can only hope that some weekend tournaments fall on RDOs!
  • Annotate every game I play, even my good games on!

I think that's enough for chess at the moment..


  • Work hard and save as much money as possible. I want to be able to buy a home in 2 years, me and my girlfriend have 2 incomes so it should be doable (buying in NZ not Australia).
  • Have more of a social life, got to stop finding excuses. Need to use some of my hard earned cash to enjoy myself! Need to take the girlfriend out more too!
  • Drop 20kg, get my routine from 6 months ago back, was making great progress!
  • Read more, i'm interested in the social sciences, but I also want to learn some stuff about economic theories! Again, feel free to post suggestions. I'm interested in politics mainly (I'm a libertarian in training - that is, so far in my studies that's the view I believe in).
  • Speaking of which, I want to vote in New Zealands elections this year, it will be the first vote I have ever cast. Only in the past few years I have come to be passionate about democracy, and havn't yet taken advantage of my democratic right to choose my countries leader!

That should be it for now.

 If any of you higher rated players could send me a challenge it would be good too! :)