April AMA Answers! (Finally...)

April AMA Answers! (Finally...)

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It has come, finally... after days and days of blood, sweat, and tears! (ok, if you take things literally, that's a joke ). In all seriousness, thank you all for your patience! It was actually refreshing to hear you guys pester me about when it would come out... it just goes to show how much I've grown on you guys as a content creator, and just a member in general! 

I do plan to do this monthly! I don't know when exactly in the month, but I'll plan on making my AMA announcement, then post the answers a week after.

Lo and behold, here is the recording. I hope that I did an OK job answering your questions, and let me know if you want any further clarifications on your questions/my answers! (and let me know if you have trouble viewing the video or whatever)

Thank you all for watching! Also, my tournament report from April 9-11 will be out probably by Thursday or Friday, as I still need to spend time analyzing the games. So watch out for that as well!

I can't wait to do this again, and thank you all for the interesting questions!! Take care, everyone!