Deep Strategy: Color Complex

Deep Strategy: Color Complex


Hi guys, hope it's going well! Sorry I haven't made a post in awhile, but here we are!  The position you see below is from a 15|10 game I played last night. Black to move. This is not a tactic, and it's highly unlikely that an engine will help you solve it. Some hints are given so if you want to genuinely solve this, study the board below first:

Let's assess the position. I played Black. This is out of a Ruy Lopez, I believe it's similar to a Chigorin variation (but I could be wrong, and I'm too lazy to look it up ) (the idea is I played Na5-c5). Let's list some important characteristics of the position:

  • The position is closed (there are a lot of pieces and pawns on the board, so not a lot of space to move around)

  • White has a center advantage, Black has a Queenside expansion though

  • White controls the light squares (e4 and d5 pawns), while Black controls the dark squares (d6 and c5 pawns). 

  • The a1-h8 diagonal is wide open.

In the game, I played 14... Rac8, which is certainly not a bad move, but I had a strategic improvement, I invite you now to test out your solution .

Hope you got something out of this! I expect to be back soon with another post, until then, stay safe, and I will see you next time!