Explaining My *Temporary* Profile Pic

Explaining My *Temporary* Profile Pic

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Before you click here, you might read this and realize, "Wait, is Daniel just trying to promote his Youtube channel?". To which I answer "yes," so you don't have to click here if you don't want to!  

So what's up with my stupid profile pic? As I discerned with some of you, I decided to make a video of myself playing a high-stakes chess match... if I win or draw, nothing happens. If I lose, however, I have to spin a wheel and suffer whatever consequence I landed on. And if you are reading this, you realize what I was forced to do.

Let's analyze the game that led to this punishment!  

The profile pic will only last 24 hours. Then I will be QUICK to change it back!

Here's the video!

Thanks for reading and contributing to the click-bait of this blog Feel free to sub to my Youtube channel if you don't mind. I also have a Twitch, Discord, and club I'm trying to revamp. Have a good one, and see you next time! 

Hello to all, and welcome to my blog! Visit my profile for more info about myself!


(more description here coming soon)