Vote for the SF Mechanics or else...

GM DanielNaroditsky
Oct 29, 2017, 4:43 PM |

This is my first blog post. No introductions needed. Let me keep this short and sweet.

What you Must Do

1. Vote for the SF Mechanics to make it to the Pro Chess League at the following two polls (yes, you must vote on both).

2. Tell all of your friends, acquaintances, etc. to do the same. 

Consequences of Not Doing This (or voting for another team)

You won't get to see me, GM Sam Shankland, and other awesome members of our team play in the Pro League (isn't that punishment enough??) 

Other consequences will reveal themselves soon enough. I shall bring down the fire and fury of my wrath. Mwahahahaha. 

TL;DR: Vote. Vote. Voooooooo-te. Vote!