Analysis of World Open game

NM Mr_Penings
Oct 13, 2013, 12:32 PM |

I recently reviewed all of my games from World Open. The following game is very interesting as I was very lucky to win it.

On move 30...



On move 51.... 

I had just played b5 to stop this threat of Qxb6. I have the knight for his two pawns, but my position is already losing. Black's pieces are stuck in the back rows to defend. White's pawns are very strongly placed and the rook and queen can easily attack. Even worse, black has a HUGE time disadvantage, ~10 minutes to 2 hours.
In the game, White played Qb6 very quickly. It looks strong, but it doesnt have any threats. The winning move, also the move I feared, was Rd7!


Find the forced winning combination for White. (White has several ways to win)


I am lucky that White didn't see Rd7. Instead, white played Qb6.


Overall, I played poorly in the game, but my opponent played too fast and missed winning moves. From move 30 to move 50, my position changed from "defending on the queenside and attacking on kingside" to "defending passively". My mistake was playing too passive and letting my opponent attack me. 
I hope you liked viewing this interesting game analysis! Smile