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This is my last round game against Ivan Eilshev (2287) at NAO. I noticed from his previous round that he was a very slow player, and I was happy since I knew I would always get a time advantage. He played a surprise opening, the wing gambit sicilian, and in the middlegame, I got two passed pawns on the queenside, while white had possibly dangerous center pawns. Here is the game..


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    @Martian_Cthulhu 41...Rxd5? 42.Rc8+ Kg7 43.Rxd5

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    Can someone explain why 41... Rxd5 was not played?

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    Interesting and complex game! It seemed as if both sides had chances and many interesting sidelines, but a nice victory in the end.


    lol. always a diehard wing gambit fan, huh? Smile

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    That is an interesting game.  I wonder if White can play 16.cxd5!? sacrificing some material for a rolling pawn center.

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    Nice game!

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    Summerstorm, the structure is not a sicilian after ...d5.

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    4...d5 probably isn't a great idea. Since when is a Sicilian Defense player interested in allowing e4-e5 for free? Perhaps good is 4...Nf6, especially since White doesn't have Nb1-c3, and if e4-e5 ...Nf6-d5 with ...d7-d6xe5 to come later.


    After 5. e5 I wonder where does Black's offense come from? White will have Bf1-d3 to secure c2 and there's no longer big pressure on pawn d4.


    Maybe good is 7...a6, intending ...Bd7-b5 to be rid of Bd3 with no regard for pawn structure and every intent on undermining any White king-side offense and getting some kind of queen-side play.


    I like 20...Bh5. White needs to get rid of Black's advanced queen-side pawns and that's very difficult while he's stuck defending Nf3.


    25. N2b3 probably gives him better chances, though you can win another pawn with ...Nxf4 (Be3 is overworked).


    I think by 30...b3 Black has equalized. The pawns are growing huge and White's forces are a bit scattered and the White king is a bit exposed. Black has a safe king (crucial with low time) and decent coordination.


    33...Qe4 more-or-less freezes White's Ne3, so that ...Ra1 will be even stronger.


    46...Qd5 pins Nf3, keeping it from helping the defense, before ...b5. This also keeps the Black queen near the center of the board where it has more power.


    Exciting game!

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    All the big ones play

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    CM stepanosinovsky

    Very nice game !

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    White got such a great position...oh well :(

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