Aug 17, 2009, 8:38 PM |

The spider spins its web, unaware of the small human watching, waiting...

It caught something!! What is it? Small, fluttering, brown- a moth! The child turns red with indignation. How dare the spider believe it was better than the poor moth! And yet, the child still watches. Why? Why does she not leave? She cannot. She just can't.

The spider finally sucks its victim dry, then eats it. It's been what, 5, maybe 6 hours since she started watching it? It's dark out. She turns around...and trips over her own body, not because she can feel it, but because it's instinct. She trudges on towards the light, while she hears her mother scream and hears her older brother running out, checking the spider bite, looking at the type it was. She knows it's useless, only because

it's a black widow.