Seattle Chess Club Sunday Tornado

NM Dare-Dare
Aug 16, 2013, 5:26 PM |

Recently I played in the SCC Sunday Tornado. NM Michael Lin (2204) won the event with a perfect 4/4 score. The tournament had a time control of G/60 with a five second delay, and the event was USCF Classical Rated and USCF rating Quick Rated. I myself gained 22 points with a 3/4 score. BTW my rating after the tournament was 1846.

In the first round I played Eric Zhang (1481), an extremely talented young chess player. The opening was a Dutch, and I got a piece for three pawns when he had tons of weak pawns. I won many pawns after that and was soon up a piece. It was a easy victory after that.

However, my second round game was even easier. I played an unrated player who had defeated Faris Gulamali (~1700) even being down 6 pawns after Faris blundered his king during time pressure. Soon into the game, I won a pawn, then soon I had won a exchange, then suddenly the move after won a piece! He soon resigned 10 moves later. I was pretty excited to have 2/2, and predicted that I would either play LM Viktor Pupols, or NM Michael Lin.

The next round I played NM Michael Lin. We played a French Winawer without the c2 pawn and the e6 pawn. My king was soon under attack but I didn't see worry, and his attack got nowhere. But then he came up with a great idea which included a knight on e5 and a Bishop on g4. Soon I had to resign. Too bad. Hopefully I could win the last round.

The final round found myself paired against Arjun Thomas (1604), who I had played twice before. But before we could start, there was a interesting argument. I tuned in to the Debate because I am doing a Debate class in Middle School next school year.

It turns out that one player (1997) wanted to become an expert again after losing points in the Seattle Seafair Open to go below 2000. However, he was playing Max Gedlajovic (~1500), who also had a Canadian rating of 2100. If he lost that game, his USCF rating would not pass 2000 because "he lost to a 1500". Apparently they were willing to withdraw if their request to have Samuel repaired was not met. Eventually Fred, the TD, decided that he would not repair the round, and Samuel withdrew and Fred banned him from all future SCC events. Meanwhile, Max and his dad came down from Canada and wanted the most games for their ordeal coming down from British Columbia. So, Fred repaired a few boards so that Max could play. It was a strange argument, with over 10 spectators.

So, back to the game. The game was a interesting French, and I was better most of the time. Soon I got into an endgame where I was up a pawn with a tremendous advantage. Soon my pressure broke him and I won a piece. It was an easy win after that.

So, I finished with 3/4, gained 22 points, and overall did good. Thanks for reading everyone and please leave a comment about how you think the giant debate went! Thanks for your feedback!