Seattle Chess Club Sunday Tornado

NM Dare-Dare
Nov 19, 2013, 7:35 AM |

Recently I participated in the Seattle Chess Club's Sunday Tornado. This is a four round, Game in 60 minutes tournament which is in just one big section. My USCF Rating was 1932 at the start.

In the first round, I played August Piper, a 1500 rated player. The game was a Sicilian, where he developed a nice attack on the queen side. However, half my pieces were enough to delay his queen side attack for enough moves to attack on his exposed kingside, which proved decisive. I won a rook from the attack, and won a few moves later.

In the second round, I played Naomi Bashansky, rated about 1730. I was black, and the game was about equal, but then I developed an attack on the kingside, and got a much better position while Naomi had about 30 seconds left on the clock with a 5 second delay. While she survived the attack, she blundered a knight soon after, and I won.

In the third round, I played Bryce Tiglon, rated about 2100. This was a pretty tough game, with the same opening as my first game. When we got to an even position, I had a decent attack on the kingside, while he attacked my queenside. However, I screwed up the move order in my attack and after blundering a queen for a rook and bishop, lost soon after.

In the final game, I played Anthony He (1897). He is an extremely talented 3rd grader (I think?). He had some nice opening preparation, and won a pawn. But soon after I got a rook for a knight and pawn, and probably had a winning position. But with about 8 minutes left, I blundered a rook! Lol! So, he won. However, I had traded down to a 2 pawn vs knight and pawn position. I had a move which drew, but played the wrong move :-(

So, I lost some points, from 1932 to 1921. Not the end of the world. Next up for me: 2013 WA Class Championships, Expert Section!

(P.S. Prepare for two blogs coming up soon. One is on the Mini-Teams Championship. The second will be games from the Mini-Teams. And I might do another on some random funny games.)

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