Washington Open Part 1

NM Dare-Dare
May 28, 2013, 8:29 AM |


This will just be a result overview of the recent Washington Open I played in. Games and all the other juicy stuff will come in Part 2. So sit back, remember my USCF rating is 1870, and enjoy my bad performance.

Round 1 was against NM Joshua Sinanan (2236), the Washington Chess Federation President, on Board 4! I had a better position out of a Sicilian, but a stupid move ruined my position and allowed his pieces to get active. Then, he won a pawn with his active pieces and ultimately I lost the game.

Round 2 was against Brian Liou, rated 1703. I had a great position out of the opening, lost my position and then it was equal. But in the transition to the second time control he blundered and lost a pawn. But afterwards I allowed too much counter play and we agreed to a draw.

Round 3 was against Sangeeta Dhingra, rated 1774. I was worse out of the opening, then managed to equalize and finally was better with a f4 freddy pawn push. I then managed to get a position where I would win a pawn Laughing, but then made a stupid mistake, misplayed the position, and ended up not winning the pawn. Then I played on for a few more moves, but the cause was hopeless, and the game ended in a draw.

Round 4 saw me playing the WCF Treasurer, Robert Allen, rated 1700. He played some interesting moves against my Stonewall, then had a better position, and had a connected passed pawn. After I defended for another 25 or so moves, we agreed to a draw in a position where only I could be better, but I was the one who offered the draw, so I could not take it back. Frown

In Round 5 I played Michael Quan, rated 1693 (But he is underrated). I messed up some calculations, missed a check, and for like the BILLIONTH time ended up in a worse position, but ultimately defended well and managed to draw the game.

Now in the last round you might imagine I was tired of all this drawing. I was playing FM Paul Bartron, rated 2152, and also my second titled player of the tournament! In the opening I won a pawn, but he had active pieces, I had trouble developing my pieces, and he won the pawn back. Then I still had a about equal position, but I had a knight for a bishop, pawns on both sides, and a weak a5 (This square is dark-squared and so was the bishop) pawn. In the end, I had two reasonable moves, one which lost, and one which drew. I chose the losing one, which was a king and pawn endgame where he managed to create a outside passer. Such a bad loss! A game going from better to equal to losing!

So, I finished +0, =4, and -2, and I probably lost some 20 or so USCF rating points. I had two losses on each end of the tournament and four draws in between, all to lower rated players. Ever heard the Shakespeare saying: "All's well that ends well"? I think I could make a parody of that and it would fit my experience at the 2013 Washington Open. This is my new saying: "All's bad that ends bad." Anyways, I'll leave you with a position which you can look at........and see which capture I should have made in the last game. Anyways, I'll leave you a puzzle from my last game in my next blog, plus a lot more! see you guys later...............Smile!!!!!!!!!!!!


Now I will stop here and continue this blog later with games, but first I would like to thank the whole WCF crew for organizing a great tournament and IM Ray Kaufman for coming from California to be the top seed in the tournament! Be prepared for the games in Part 2 of this WA Open series!