Washington State Speed Chess Championships

NM Dare-Dare
Aug 12, 2013, 8:18 AM |

My debut at the WA State Blitz Championship was much the same as last year- I scored 7/14 both years. However this year, I played two masters, while for the comparison, I played no masters the year before. But, my rating this year was 1800, and it was only 1600 last time.

After my first round 2-0 win over Alan Tan, I found myself paired against Expert Daniel He on Board 3. I was completely outplayed both games, but in Game 1, right when I was about to lose, he blundered checkmate magically! The next round, I played Max, a player who came down from BC in Canada to play in the tournament. The first game was a Dutch where I got a crushing King Side Attack which won me an extra piece, and he spent so much time defending against my attack that he flagged soon after.

My competition after that was much stiffer, including the two masters and many very strong A players, and I only managed 3 points from the last 8 games.

The two masters were NM Roland Feng, and FM Ignacio Perez, with Roland being last year's champion and Ignacio being this years champion. There was also another master present, FM John Ready. I lost badly all four games to NM Feng and FM Perez, but oh well. It was just a blitz tournament.

Everybody, Thanks for reading! Please leave a comment if you liked it! My next post will be about the Sunday Tornado at the Seattle Chess Club which finished the same weekend as the WA Blitz Championship. I scored 3/4 there. Once again, please leave a comment if you liked it and thanks for reading!