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Strange thing chess

Aug 30, 2008, 6:35 AM 3

Chess is a strange game.. Sometimes You can beat a stronger player as easy as hell and sometime a much weaker opponent crush you.. I have lately see that against a strong player I try to think like him and play complicated and in my next game against a weak opponent I can not see the easy move and then im in trouble and loose.. In my struggle to be a better chess player I read alot and play many hard games and try out dangerous possitions and make an offer who faile sometimes.. I try to think complicated and look to deep in the game and miss to easy thing to see spesialy against those 2-3 hundred rating below me.. The strange thing is that I dont even know where I loose the game so.... Maybe if we dont complicate things we will be better? I had some games against a 2400 player and everything he do looks like straight normal moves but much more timed than a 1500 player of course... STRANGE THING CHESS.... lol

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