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A Knight, a Rook, and a Bishop .....

Feb 1, 2012, 6:26 PM 1

....... walk into a bar, ..... it was the King's Pub in downtown Toronto.

They order a pitcher and a basket of wings ..... grab a table in the corner and proceed to watch the Leafs vs the Penguins on the big screen.

It's the middle of the second period ..... scoreless tie.

Another pitcher, more wings .... Bishop and Knight are enjoying the game.

Rook , his first time in this pub, suddenly pales ...... pointing to a sign behind the bar he leans over to Bishop and Knight and whispers "Guys! We've got a problem,  ..... No CHECKS Allowed!!"



OK not that funny ....... chess jokes are few and far between .......and mostly bad pawns (sorry ..... Puns)!




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