A New Chess Variant?

Jul 29, 2012, 8:45 PM |

I know, I know ...... if its not broken don't fix it .... just thought I'd share a chess variant that my friends and I enjoy ......

1. Start with 12 pawns each and set up the board as shown in the diagram.

2. Unlike traditional chess, pawns can only move diagonally (one square at a time).... like chess they can only move forward (until promoted .... will discuss below).

3. Unlike traditional chess, pawns capture by jumping over the opponent (still diagonally ..... but only if there is an empty square on the other side of the opponent.)

4. After taking an opponents pawn, you may take additional pawns (if still moving forward and empty square on other side).

5. Here is one of the coolest rules! ....... you have to take the opponents pawn if possible! (watch out for poison pawns!)

6. Upon reaching the 8th rank you can only promote your pawn to a King.

7. Kings have super powers ..... all of the rules above apply but now they can move forward and backwards!

8. Game is over when you take all of your opponents kings and pawns. (draws are also possible)


Still needs a catchy name though ....... currently call it "Hopping Little Bishops Don't Wanna Be Queens".