Ambidextrous Chess Rules?

Feb 22, 2012, 8:38 PM |

(How does that old joke go? "I'd give my left arm to be ambidextrous" ... or was it "I'd give my right arm to be ambidextrous"?)

I personally do quite well left or right-handed at two very important Canadian pastimes...... paddling a canoe and shovelling snow, make that three if drinking beer counts.

Mr. Webster would tell us that to be ambidextrous would mean you could use either hand equally well .... I am not quite there yet (but give me another beer and I'll try).

When it comes to chess, I can lose a game quite well with either hand, and I am aware of only two rules that may come into play;

1. Operate the clock with the same hand you made your move with. No problem ... If the clock is on my right I am playing right-handed this game .... if the clock is on the left call me "Lefty", "SouthPaw", or Mr."Gauche".

2. Don't behave in such a way as to distract your opponent.    ..... now this can be subject to interpretation and should probably be decided by an arbiter.....

Occasionally I will move King-side pieces with my left hand and queen side pieces with my right hand (when black, or vice versa when white)...... not too bad I hope, not too distracting and yes I operate the clock accordingly.... nice and slow, no problem ..... we get down to five minutes or less then I stick to my right........



Speed things up now and if I am still using two hands am I distracting to my opponent?

Am I a "Sean Avery" to your "Martin Brodeur" we get "Gary" (or "Brendan") involved? (Google "Sean Avery Rule" if you're not Canadian)

Just wondering if I have overlooked a rule that governs this form of "switch-hitting" during a game?