Jan 25, 2012, 8:34 PM |

Further to my wildly popular (Mom reads it several times a day ....) post on winning at Bullet Chess last week ....... it occurred to me that not everything is as simple as 1 - 2 - 3 as previously advertised and that there is  an exception to every rule (Mom always said I was exceptional).

In addition to those first three rules, here is a fourth trick that has contributed to my current success;

4. BE PREPARED (yes the old Boy Scout credo .....)

Even if you've decided at the last minute to join a Bullet Tourney, it doesn't take long to prepare for success. By preparing for or eliminating all possible distractions your odds will only get better.

7 possible rounds at 4 possible minutes each is about a half hour of your life to achieve that possible medal win.

Are the kids in bed? Is the wife happily occupied? Does the dog, cat, lizard need out? ....are you expecting visitors or phone calls? Take care of all this first .... hang out the do not disturb sign and have the phone handy with the call display feature.

Are you happy? comfy? ...... Go visit the little King's room, grab a snack and your favourite Bevy (my favourite Bevy is an old neighbour, Bev Clarke, but I'm talking beverages now .....Milk, juice, cola, etc) and park yourself in front of Chess.com. Change into your lucky PJ's if you wish.

If you are considering reading material (see my Post on Winning with Clive), remember that the time constraints for Bullet Chess tend to keep the SandBaggers away ...... keep the books etc for Blitz Chess or longer.

Hope this extra rule helps ..... remember its still just a game and stuff happens, there is always next week!


Good Game!