Bullet Chess 1-2-3

Jan 20, 2012, 9:08 PM |

3 Simple Rules to winning at Chess.com Live Bullet Chess tournaments;

1. How many minutes do you have in Bullet chess? All of you who said 2 minutes better keep reading. You have 4 minutes to Play this game they call Bullet chess ..... 2 minutes on your clock and 2 minutes on your opponents .... while your opponents clock is ticking you should be planning your next move, anticipating all their possible moves and your responses to those moves, planning defenses , attacks, and stalls ...... if you are not moving to attack or defend  just move to stop your clock and start your opponents. USE YOUR OPPONENTS TIME TO DO YOUR THINKING.

2. Touch Move ........... This is not sitting down at a table with clocks , boards, pieces, opponents, spectators, etc ...... this is an on-line game of bullet chess with its own set of rules and  Touch- Move is not one of them. To maximize your chances of winning you better be holding that pawn, rook, bishop, or knight (yes ... or King,or Queen too) directly over the square you intend on dropping it on. Your opponent moves .....your clock starts ...... you drop it .....your clock stops.  OR you realize you have made a mistake and you put that piece (that you have been touching) back where it belongs quickly and go with your next best plan. NOBODY KNOWS WHAT YOU HAVE BEEN TOUCHING & NOBODY CARES ......it is simply not part of this particular version of chess.

Do this often and do it early ........... many seconds can be shaved off of a familiar opening .......a time advantage that you will have banked by the time you are pushing pawns in an end game (and your opponent is stressing at the clock).

3. Don't Worry ..... Be Happy. Use your instincts, play fast, have fun. If you make a mistake , a blunder, or worse ..... keep going ... your opponent may reciprocate and you are back in it . Or .... your time advantage will leave you victorious as your stronger opponent times out.  Or .... you lose ..... you resign .... you learn from it and play again  with that added experience. Realize too that most tournaments aren't won 7-0 ...... 6-1 or 5-2 can also get you in the medals.




Good Game,